Sesame Jaggery Balls| Til Gud Ke Ladoo | How To Make Til Gud Ke Ladoo? Step by Step Guide!


Til Gud Ladoo is a healthy, sweet and delicious preparation with white sesame seeds, grated jaggery, ghee and cardamom powder.

Tilgud laddu is a sweet recipe but also rich in iron and calcium.

Tilgud Laddu’s are most commonly made in Indian homes during festivals like SANKRANTI, Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi. There are numerous recipes to make til Gud Ladoo.

Preparation Time
– 10 minutes
Cooking Time
25 minutes
Total Time
35 minutes
– 15-17 Ladoos
– sweet dish
North Indian
  1. 2 cups of sesame seeds.
  2. 1 tsp ghee
  3. 1 cup of grated jaggery
  4. ½ tsp cardamom powder
  5. ¼ tsp baking soda
  6. ½ cup of water


  1. Before you begin, take the sesame seeds on a plate and pick them if there are small tiny stones or any other particles.
  2. Heat a Kadai and add sesame seeds, roast the sesame seeds on a low flame and stir at intervals roast the sesame seeds become crunchy so do roast well.
  3. Roast the sesame seeds at low flame for around 5-6 minutes, taste a few sesame seeds and they should be crisp and crunchy. Then transfer them to a plate.
  4. Heat a pan and add ghee after melting ghee add 1 cup of grated jaggery.
  5. Melt the jaggery stir continuously on medium flame.
  6. Add little bit water as per requirement and mix well.
  7. Boil the jaggery syrup on medium flame.
  8. Check the syrup should stay in there in the bowl without dissolving, gather the jaggery and make a ball. It would help if you got a softball that turns firm upon chilling. Laddu should not be too soft and should not turn to a crisp.
  9. Add baking soda and mix well.
  10. Quickly add the sesame seeds in the syrup.
  11. Mix it well and stir continuously.
  12. Add ½ tsp cardamom powder and mix well.
  13. Let the mixture cool down a bit.
  14. Sprinkle a little bit of oil or ghee over the plate and transfer the mixture in a dish.
  15. Quickly wet your palms with water and take a spoon full of mixture and make nice round balls.
  16. Make sure to wet your palms before making every ball.
  17. Roll the entire mix to balls when the mixture is still hot.
  18. Cool the Ladoos entirely and store them in an airtight jar or container.


  1. If you feel you overcooked the jaggery syrup, then sprinkle little water and heat it. It will melt and help you to improve the consistency.
  2. If you overcooked the syrup and by mistake have already added sesame, you can still cook the mixture to get the softball consistency.
  3. In case you are unable to roll the mixture to balls due to heat or burning, cook the mixture for a few more minutes. Then pour it onto parchment paper and set it to Chikki. Cut to squares or any other shape when the mixture is still hot.


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