It’s A Whole Chicken In A Can!

It's A Whole Chicken In A Can!

Do you really wanna know how we came upon this idea? Not so long ago, one of our founders was stumbling around in the attic, searching through the old stuff in the hopes of a treasure chest filled with money, when he found a can under the floorboards. Maybe somebody left it there when that building was being constructed, somebody might have left his lunch and left the remains there only to be discovered by the future generations.

And it worked! Maybe not so much excited about the beer cans but thinking about the chicken canNot so much the. Serving a whole chicken in a CAN. As per the serving suggestions on the back of the can, it tasted best with sprinkling paprika  Serving and roasting to Chicken a la King or just serving it cold. Nobody could tell what it tasted like but chicken in a can still exist in America. It is branded as Sweet Sue’s Chicken in a can.   and apparently, it has become a bit of a punchline. They had a punchline displayed on their website.

One brainstorming session led to another. What other animals could be canned in a can? Au Pied de Cochon’s famous Duck in a Can in Montreal is well known but not that readily available.  The only equivalent we could come up with was sardines or snails in a can. But there are still so many options to explore from the animal kingdom. Deer meat in a Can could work, maybe.

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