Follow These Five Rules To Avoid Workplace Weight Gain

Follow These Five Rules To Avoid Workplace Weight Gain

Did you ever have had the chance to measure your weight after you have joined office? If you had, what was the result? Have your weight increased? If the answer to this question is yes, then you have come to the right place. According to statistics, over 90% of employees who do desk jobs start to gain weight. It happens due their lack of attention. If they take just a few measures, then gaining weight while working can be prevented quite easily. No exercise or tough diet plans are necessary; just a few self-oriented rules can change the whole scenario.

The Reason

Before discussing the rules to avoid gaining weight at work, let’s take a look at the reasons. In desk jobs, the employee needs to sit at his/her desk for 6-10 hours daily except the weekends. Well, their mind takes a lot of pressure and needs to function quite fast. But what about the other parts of the body? Sitting idly for too many hours doing desk jobs will certainly gather fat on your body. Your body is doing nothing to burn the fat. Then why wouldn’t you gain some extra calories and become fat?

How to Avoid

Lots of people will tell you to perform tough physical exercises or maintain tight diets. I will not suggest you to do any of them, that is totally up to you. What I will tell you is rules, rules you can easily follow and make habits.

  • Ride a Bicycle While Going to Your Workplace: Of course you don’t live thousands of miles away from your workplace. Your workplace should be at a reasonable distance from your house. Why do you want to take your car to your workplace? Purchase a bike. Riding a bike to your workplace will save your fuel cost. The amount won’t be too bad at the end of the month. Most importantly, it will burn the extra fat you have gained while working on desk. Riding a bicycle is fun too! If you start to ride your bicycle to your workplace every morning from now on, easily that will become a habit of yours.
  • Do Simple Exercises While Sitting:I do admit that there is not much room to exercising while sitting before the desk. Still following some certain strategies can help a little. From time to time, stretch your body and move your body around a little in the chair. I am not saying this will do a lot of good, but obvious some positive results will be gained.
  • Walk Around: Whenever you get the chance, walk around the office. You don’t need a purpose, just walk here and there without disturbing the others. Use the lunch time for it. You don’t need the whole lunch time to eat, do you? Some minutes will be spared and make these minutes count. Walking around the office premises will relax you from the monotony of work as well.
  • Take Stairs: If your office is not at the 100th floor of the building, you can consider taking the stairs. Don’t think that I am telling you to climb 99 floors with stairs. You are able to climb up to 7-8 floors with stairs obviously. If your office is at that height, then take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will be a great help. You can’t imagine how much extra calorie is going to be burnt if you follow this particular procedure. Don’t avoid it because it is tough, try making a habit and after a few weeks it will come to you effortlessly.
  • Eat Homemade Lunch: There are many employees who depend on fast food while having their lunch. One of the worst decisions ever! People eat most food while having lunch. That means these employees have lots of fast food. Fast is full of fat and cholesterols; nutritious elements are rare in fast foods. Bring your lunch from home. You will find tiffin boxes in the market that will keep your food warm and fresh. Homemade food is more nutritious than fast food. And you can choose your own menu and avoid the foods with too much cholesterol and fat.

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