Baingan Bharta| Vangyache Bharit | How to Make Baingan Bharta? Step by Step Guide!

Vangyache Bharit

Baingan Bharta is an easy, quick and straightforward recipe. Baingan Bharta made in different ways.

Traditional baingan Bharta is made with roasted eggplants, tomatoes, onion, spices and coriander leaves. In this recipe, we are making baingan Bharta in Maharashtrian style. In Maharashtra, baingan Bharta is also called Vangyache Bharit. Baingan Bharta tastes fantastic. It goes well with wheat roti, roti, rice or even with bread.

Baingan Bharta is a tasty and straightforward smoky flavoured mash recipe.

Let’s learn how to make baingan Bharta.

Preparation Time
– 10 Min
Cooking Time
– 20 Min
Total Time
– 30 Min
– 4 People
– Side Dish
– Maharashtrian
  1. 500 grams brinjals (eggplants)
  2. Two finely chopped onion
  3. 1 tbsp red chili powder
  4. 1 tbsp coriander leaves
  5. Salt to taste
  6. 1 tbsp oil


  1. Firstly wash the brinjals under water and wipe them with a kitchen towel or tissue.
  2. Brush a little oil all over the brinjal
  3. Place the brinjal on direct fire.
  4. Continue turning it to all the other sides and roast the brinjal horizontally and vertically.
  5. Check the brinjal with a knife. If it comes out, then the brinjal is roasted well.
  6. After roasting the brinjal, it takes about 6-8 minutes for cooling.
  7. When the brinjal cools down, peel the skin completely off the brinjal.
  8. Mash the brinjal with a knife, fork or masher.
  9. After mashing then add chopped onion into mashed brinjals and mix properly.
  10. Add salt and mix well until well combined.
  11. Add red chili powder as per your taste and mix well.
  12. Add chopped coriander for garnishing.
  13. Baingan bharta is ready to serve.
  14. Baingan Bharta is serv with Bajra-jawar roti, wheat roti or rice.


  1. Brush the oil from all sides so that it becomes easy to peel the skin and brinjal is also roast good.
  2. Make pours on brinjals using a fork which will help to roast properly.
  3. Roasting the brinjal on low to medium flame helps in uniform cooking.
  4. Also, you can add roast tomato in baingan Bharta.
  5. In the baingan Bharta recipe, you can also add green or red chili instead of red chili powder.


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